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"We cannot emphasize enough how wonderful PJ Hurst is as an interior architectural designer. 


She possesses a unique flair of creativity, organization, and inspiration. 


We recently completed the construction of our dream home in Bend... resulting in something even more remarkable than we envisioned...

Working seamlessly alongside our architect and contractor, PJ proved to be an exceptional problem solver and mediator...


Above all else, PJ possesses a remarkable sense of style."

~Janie + Steve | West Bend Residence

PJHD Shevlin Living Room FP3 2.jpg

"PJ came into my home and in less than 5 minutes, she rearranged my plans that drastically improved the functional workspace of my kitchen and saved me money and heartache.


Working with PJ is not only a dream come true, but a breath of fresh air. Her ability to take your ideas and elevate them beyond your expectations is a craft she has mastered.


PJ is a force in the industry that she executes with grace. The relationships that she has built are with some of the most skilled tradesmen (and women) I’ve seen, and I am thrilled that my home is blessed with her work."


~ Melissa | Hartford Project

"I am BEYOND excited about the direction of the barn design!!!


Utilizing the creativity and thoughtful design of PJHD was the best thing we've done for ourselves in this process so far.


Even though the home will be approximately 1,000 square feet smaller than our previous home, designing it from the ground up to meet our exact needs will ultimately make the space feel much larger than it's square footage. PJ really heard what's important to us... and something that is uniquely ours. We were able to squeeze in some amazing features which far surpassed my initial ideas of what we could do with the space, ".

~ Amber & Josh | Terrebarn Project


"PJ was absolutely fantastic on our project. We added 700+ sq ft onto our house which changed the overall flow and layout of our house.


PJ listened to our needs and worked within our budget to design a much better layout that worked for our family.


She took into account that we have young kids and having a functional laundry room/mud room was a must and now it’s one of my favorite places and most used in our house. She was excellent in adding function into our house and utilizing dead space for added storage. PJ also helped us with the exterior of our home, she designed the front entrance, gave us some great ideas on how to update the siding, and helped us choose paint colors.

PJ, your eye for design is impeccable, we couldn’t be happier with our home, thank you for everything!" 


~ Riley | Covina Project

"It was as if another architect was on board... PJ’s drawings were thorough and brought a lot of ideas for design, materials and finishes."

~ Brandon Olin | Olin Architecture

shevlincommons-cherylmcintoshphotographer-8 3.jpg

"Within my thirty-four years career in architecture, I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with hundreds of talented designers.

Without hesitation, PJ is one the best that I have ever worked with. Her passion and relentless pursuit in finding the best solution along with her pure talent, dedication and most humble personality elevate every project to the highest level of perfection.


PJ is a joy to work with and will always hold my highest recommendation."


~ Alek Zarifian Architect (While at teD)

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